It’s time to UNLEASH your Divine Healing Potential 

RISE to your CALLING and START holding SACRED space. 

BLISSFULLY Awaken your UNIQUE Healing Spiritual Gifts following the playful

energy flow. 


It’s time to UNLEASH your Divine Healing Potential 

RISE to your CALLING and START holding SACRED space. 

BLISSFULLY Awaken your UNIQUE Healing Spiritual Gifts following the playful

energy flow. 


The only Intensive Weekend Training that will LAUNCH you to start channeling Kundalini Energy.


You are a POWERFUL vessel of Energy that only needs to be turbo charged with the HIGHEST FREQUENCY to Step into your GREATNESS. 

“When you succeed in AWAKENING THE KUNDALINI, so that it starts to move out of its mere potentiality, you necessarily start a world which is totally different from our world. It is the world of eternity.”
- Carl Jung

The last intensive weekends in Miami & LA have been INCREDIBLY SUCCESSFUL.

Many of the students have integrated KA to their healing practice offering and others just come for the paradigm shift healing. Some want to return to weekend intensives to continue upleveling after witnessing how their life has trasformed.


First of all, does this sound familiar


You have a deep desire to share your spiritual gifts that are IN-THERE somewhere but don’t know where to begin 

You are having unexplainable body experiences out of the ordinary

There’s a deep attraction to KA and can visualize yourself holding sacred space

You’re already an energy healer and KA is a next level modality to include in your offerings

Your have an unexplainable pull to KA and everytime you surrender to receive it only grows stronger

You watched a video, picture of KA and something inside of you awoke


If so, You’re in the right place




Personally, I come from the corporate world, straight out of college for 18+ years. I have always been SPIRITUAL and suddenly a switch was flipped that was unexpected. A FORCE BIGGER THAN ME had me divorced from my corporate life to FULLY IMMERSE into my SOUL VOCATION as a SPIRITUAL Leader. 

But before getting to where I AM NOW, I was having the SAME questions and feelings you are having. I couldn’t sleep at night. Especially on eclipses because my body would not stop shaking, contracting and lifting.

When I attended ceremonies in Bali, Mexico, Peru, Egypt and many of the other sacred places I’ve lived, I would see myself holding sacred space but didn’t know where to start. 

I doubted myself, questioned what others would think, who am I to be in that position, narrowing it down to not thinking I was WORTH IT. 


If the desire is in YOU it’s because it ALREADY LIVES WITHIN YOU. 


Because You Deserve IT

During the intensive weekend


I will set space for you to STEP into your DIVINE POWER.

The vibration frequency will be astronomically RAISED enabling the students to activate each other. 

You will Receive healing as you give and give healing as you receive.

You will be a Channel of HIGH ENERGY infused with magical codes only you can transmit.

You will be startled to realize that you too have the power to start transmitting the KUNDALINI Life Force Energy.

Awaken the Self-HEALER and start sharing the KA modality with friends and families or add it to your already healing offering.

Let’s Break It Down Beautiful Soul




  • CACAO Opening Ceremony
  • Intention Setting 
  • 2 KA Transmissions - One hour each 
  • Energy 101 Crash Course
  • 1st. Round KA exchange b/w partners
  • 2nd. Round KA exchange b/w partners
  • Sharing! Always sharing after giving & receiving

Day 2 


  • NON-DUALITY Meditation of ONENESS
  • Full NON-DUALITY KA Transmission
  • THREE Kundalini Channels Introduction
  • 3nd Round KA exchange b/w partners
  • 4th Round KA exchange b/w partners
  • Sharing! Always sharing after giving & receiving
  • Closing Circle 

Begin Facilitating

Step Into Your Power

Meet Soul Family

What if I have NO Experience 


No experience is needed

All is an EVOLUTION and Quantum Leaps do happen

Those with a Spiritual practice tend to access deeper states of consciousness

All required is to Show-up, Surrender on your Mat and Receive the transmission

The effects of the Transmissions will continue to work for the next several weeks

New Pathways of consciousness will be open and it's up to you to maintain 

Once experienced, it can't be undone creating a SHIFT in Perspective resulting in a New REALITY

Check Out what other KA Students are saying

The KA (Kundalini Activation) immersive weekend training was an EXTRAORDINARY experience.

Maria encouraged each person's DIVINITY to come through and show up to do the work. She was incredibly knowledgeable and articulate. 

Sometimes these classes spend too much time lecturing, rather than in practicing, but thank you Maria for structuring the class to practice most of the time we were together so we could walk away confident. I can't imagine a class that offers better value!

I look forward to coming back for more programs and classes in the future.

Ana - San Diego, USA

I highly recommend Maria and her KA "Kundalini Activation" training. She brought powerful, loving energy. She has a beautiful SHAMANIC power that she brings to the space.

At one point, Maria touched my back, and it felt like a bolt of LIGHTNING hit my spine as my electrical system was activated, my spine bent, and my body danced with electricity.

Maria deserves a 10-star rating. Thank you for doing the work to bring transformation, healing, and growth to the world. I look forward to playing in the Kundalini energy in the future. 

Rick - Orange County, USA

The transmissions channeled through you Maria, scooped, and scraped so much hidden, buried, or unknown calcified parts of me still residing within me. YOU TOOK MY HEALING EVEN DEEPER INTO THE VOID! It was so powerful and strong that as soon as I got home, my gut and digestive systems broke down.

You got me to RELEASE a lot of stuff I did not know I needed to let go. The energies were completely working inside my body that it forced me to completely RESET this week! As a healing arts practitioner,I needed to receive the frequencies you helped facilitate for those 2 alchemizing days. I have no words to truly describe how grateful and thankful I am for you and the work you do. I learned SO much! You are an embodiment of the ANCIENT WISDOM.

KA is transformative and I am blessed to have discovered this modality. Thank you again.

Trisha - Los Angeles, USA



Thank you for leading such a beautiful Kundalini Activation group session last weekend. KA is new to I'm just beginning to discover its TRANSFORMATIVE Powers.I had such an emotional experience going deep within my subconscious. I saw childhood patterns that weigh me down today. Areas that I want to change in my life because they no longer serve

You provided a safe space where I could see RELEASE THE GUILT associated with that behavior. After the session, I felt so much love and light. 

The NON-DUALITY exercise was really grounding, as  if you were able to SLOW DOWN TIME and just be. 

It was a great Segway into the following KA transmission. The music was amazing. The CACAO was so special. Basically everything was very well organized. Oh, and you were magical! 

Thank you so much! 

Elliot - Beverly Hills, USA

Hello Beautiful,


I’m MARIA, your Ceremonial KA Trainer


I was born in the sacred land of Peru and raised by a devotional grandmother. I’m the daughter of a powerful highly intuitive Peruvian Mother who is a natural born shamanic healer. My father is an indigenous artisan and andean music artist. I myself was born with my own unique healing gifts that awakens stronger each day. 

In the last few years I've spent much time in Bali, Egypt and Mexico before returning to my roots in Peru leading sacred spiritual retreats. 

I've been on a fast evolutionary growth which many of us are being INITIATED into. 

This is probably why you've landed on this page. 

Some of the Programs I host and have concluded are: 

  • I AM (Yo Soy) Path - Graduate of the one year and a half program under master teacher, Matias de Estefano out of  Cairo, Egypt
  • Master Energy Healer - Graduate of the one year Life Force Energy school.
  • Self Realization Fellowship - 10+ years life student of the teachings of Ascended Master Paramahansa Yogananda on Kriya Yoga.
  • Graduate of the Dolphin Star Temple - Pleiadian Light Work 

For YOU God - Goddess that is READY to:

  • Release holding repetitive patterns 
  • Let the EGO step aside & SURRENDER
  • Merge to ONENESS with ALL THAT IS
  • Heal Blockages from this lifetime or past lives
  • Gain Clarity, Priority and FLOW with life
  • Go DEEP to unknown states of consciousness


Add KA modality to your healing offering

What are you waiting for? 

You’ve created this opportunity MANIFESTOR.

Let’s DO THIS!


March 4 -5

8 AM -3PM

Private Residence in Manhattan Beach

Early Bird Special 

One Time Payment of 



Pay in FULL

One time Payment 



Are you absolutely sure you can’t make this date? 

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